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Steam sale apathy

I always thought my first blog post would be about my beloved Golden State Warriors and the ups and downs of following them from Australia for the past 25 years. It’s taken me a while to finally start a blog to talk about them, despite threatening to do so for years. I’ve waited so long that it can no longer be complaining about poor draft choices, horrible trades, or Chris Cohan. Being part of the NBA Finals right now, there’s been so much being written about them that I don’t feel I have anything new and/or interesting to add. Eventually that day will come.

Instead it’s a first world gaming whine, which probably fits better in my role as a negative vibe merchant. I’ll probably write a post about that at some point as well.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m current looking at my list of 25 installed games on Steam, and struggling to muster the enthusiasm to spend time with any of them.

The most enjoyable gaming experience I’ve had this year has been Invisible Inc. It ticked all the right boxes for me – developed by Klei Entertainment (I loved Don’t Starve), turn based, stealth, hacking and procedurally generated. There’s a limited amount of content, however it’s designed that way, as you aren’t meant to clear levels before exiting. Each safe or terminal exists as a decision, offering a more credits or items but also increasing the chance of being discovered or terminated.

I had been enjoying The Witcher 3, but unfortunately the claustrophobic field of view was giving me motion sickness after 45 minutes. I’ll come back when there’s a FOV mod that doesn’t break with each update.

There are 45 hours on my play through of Pillars of Eternity, but after taking a break in Act III I’m struggling to get back into it. The late game combat consisting of constant domination feels cheap, although with out it mobs would (and do) feel trivial. I’ve invested enough that I’m determined to see the end of it eventually, even though the story and characters do nothing for me.

You Must Build A Boat is wonderful, but doesn’t feel right with a mouse and keyboard for obvious reasons. Cities: Skylines is similarly fantastic but currently lacks a significant challenge outside of optimising your traffic.

With all that in mind, I’ve been browsing the current (northern) Winter Steam Sale to find something to fill my evening. There’s not a lot that is catching my eye, although I can see Counter Strike Go and Prison Architect with attractive prices, however there’s little chance I’d get much out of either of them. My advancing age and decaying reflexes would probably result in a great deal of frustration playing CS Go. Prison Architect has been regularly recommended to me as someone who enjoys management sims, but the prospect of investing time in an unfinished product doesn’t particularly excite me.

I know that this hardly makes me a unique snowflake, but it is interesting to me how my perception of Steam sales has changed over time. The hope and excitement has evolved into apathy.

So I’ll probably just start yet another game of Civ 5 with some new mods to change things up. Anything to keep me away from that monster clicking meta game.

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