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Round 15 NRL Supercoach thoughts

Late NRL Supercoach thoughts for round 15 this week unfortunately, but better late than never:

  • For the second week in a row I’ve stuffed up my VC. Last week it was Dylan Walker over James Tedesco. This week it was moving to Thurston from Shaun Johnson. Once JT¬† was named it seemed like the best option. I was sweating bullets seeing Johnson on 170 after the Titans game. Luckily he was downgraded to 150ish making it less of an issue. My captain was Andrew Fifita, who scored in the 60s despite Gallen not playing.
  • Not only was I reeling from missing out on doubling Johnson’s score, but James Segeyaro going off with 30 points and a medial ligament strain in his knee made things worse. He’s a hold for the time being but could be traded out in 17 if I want to risk some trades.
  • Jack Bird’s 134 (upgraded from mid 90s) saved my H2H and cemented his place in my team for the rest of the season. A definite keeper.
  • Kyle Lovett getting 72 on Friday night was a nice surprise, but unfortunately I had him as an NPR. Still he will play 80 minutes in Round 17 and has some price rises left
  • The continued rise of Jack Bird into Supercoach keeper range is both hysterical and depressing. Could have easily made 200k+ if I’d jumped on in round 13/14.
  • Maumalo injuring his leg and possibly not playing again this season isn’t the worst thing in the world, his 14 was a horrible AE for some coaches. If he sits on the bench he’s basically a dual CTW/2RF nuff which is fine with me.
  • Two trades made this week. Lichaa has performed admirably and has been sent packing for Cameron Smith, who is probably the cheapest he’ll be all season. The other was Soliola to Luke Lewis. Lewis has an achievable BE and plays 17 & 18 with an average around 65 if you take out his first two games back from injury. I’m light on players for rounds 17 and 18, especially in light of the Segeyaro injury so I need to start adding some players who cover both. Should be using the full four trades next week.

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